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Tropix Laundromat Cares About Our Community

Our community is important to us. We believe it is our responsibility to help and build up the communities we serve. We proudly take part in contributing and sponsorship of local initiatives that focus on helping the most vulnerable among us. We have added reduced pricing days as a way for customers who may be struggling financially to wash their clothing as well as provide free detergent.


Everyone should be able to have clean laundry and not feel ashamed because their clothing or their family's clothing is soiled. We have numerous free wash days throughout the year where families can come wash and dry their laundry completely for free (follow us on twitter for that and other announcements). 

We also provide laundry services and loaded laundry cards to churches and organizations for distribution to those experiencing hard times, and whom need help in providing sanitary laundry to themselves and their families. 

Have an organization or event that could benefit people in need?

Contact us to find out how we can work together.

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