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Lavado Laundry,

Our Premier Laundry Service 

Lavado Laundry Delivery Van, Laundry Pickup & Delivery, Professional Laundry Service

How It Works

Get $10 Off your First Order
Use Code "DROP10" At Checkout

(20lb minimum order)

Getting laundry service is fast an easy. Our highly rated laundry delivery service includes free pickup and next day delivery, so you can rest assured that your laundry is in good care and your time is yours again. 

1. Sign Up For Service

Sign up for service HERE or call us at 240-813-9011 to schedule service

2. Choose Your Service

And let us know how you want your laundry done

3. Order Is Picked Up

We pick up your laundry, separate it, wash it, fold it and return it to you the next day neatly packed

4. Enjoy Fresh Laundry

Enjoy your fresh laundry and your peace of mind as you gain a big chunk of your time back now that you don't have to spend time sorting, washing, and folding your laundry. 

We offer multiple, convenient options for service

Laundry Service Pricing 

Laundry Bag, Laundry Delivery, Laundry Pick Up

$44.99 Flat Rate Bag
(Includes One Free First Laundry Bag):

Simplify your order with our flat rate bag. 
Price remains fixed regardless of weight. Can be tightly packed,
but the bag

must be able to close.

New customer? Use a 13 gallon kitchen garbage bag for your first service. We will return your laundry with a brand new, reusable Lavado Laundry bag, FREE.

infected, Dirty laundry pile in basket

$1.55 Per Pound Laundry Delivery Service:

(Includes One Free First Laundry Bag):

Our per pound service is weighed and charged upon processing at facility.

We will pick up your laundry within your selected window, wash, dry, fold and pack them neatly to be returned to you
the very next day.

Laundry Mesh Bag, Privacy Bag, Delicates Bag

$2.00 Privacy Undergarment Bag:

New customers can receive one FREE privacy/delicate's mesh bag With their FIRST order upon request. 


$6.00  40 Lbs Laundry Bag:

Bag only. High quality, Nylon. Holds 4-5 loads

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