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Need Reliable, Quality Laundry Service ?

Your busy schedule leaves you with little time to get everything you need to do done which adds to your stress. Your time and sanity is valuable, you NEED the best laundry service. You give us your laundry and we give you back your precious time, time for family, kids, work, hobbies, other responsibilities or simply to get a break. Most importantly, you will have one less thing to do and you deserve a break. 

Your laundry will be separated, washed, dried, sorted, folded and/or hung, and neatly packed in a sealed bag ready to easily and quickly be put away. All done by our highly trained and professional staff, using the best laundry products,with the highest degree of care and focus on customer satisfaction. 

Welcome To Lavado,

The Premium Laundry Service From Tropix Laundromat

  • Economy Laundry Service: $0.85 Per Pound
  • Standard Laundry Service: $0.99 Per Pound
  • Premium Laundry Service: $1.20 Per Pound
  • Same Day Laundry Service: $1.35 Per Pound

First Time Customers Use Code “40%FIRST
For A Whopping 40% Discount Off!

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Convenient Wash & Fold Dropoff

Amazing Service!

The Best Laundry Service Wash and Fold Dropoff, Serving Essex, Rosedale, Middle River, Rossville and more!

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